Packages in Anaconda

I am working on three projects, and initially set up a separate environment for each. However, it was taking so long to switch between the environments that I’ve reverted to a single environment for now.

Ran pip to install the following Python packages into this environment:

Dash (the back-end)

flash-compress, plotly

Dash-renderer (the front-end)





Anaconda on CentOS 7

Finally got round to installing Anaconda (the Python distribution) on CentOS. I followed this article at Linux Hint. Launched Anaconda Navigator from Terminal, then created new environment. Installed the git and Jupyter packages into it. Opened a terminal window in the new environment. Everything is working fine so far.

Some background: Last year I had frequent problems (random crashes) when running Anaconda on OS X, so then I installed it on Ubuntu in Virtual Box. Anaconda worked fine, except for the slowness which I expected from a virtual environment. Now that I’ve installed it on a machine dedicated to CentOS, I’m expecting it to work ideally.